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Budget Book That Works

August 31, 2008

While talking with a co-worker, I heard about The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Living on a Budget. I don’t usually go for the “Idiot’s Guide” or “for Dummies” books, but she recommended the book so highly that I read it.

I’ve never successfully used a budget before. I hate having to set aside money for 1,000 little categories and then keep track of it. This book’s approach, however, is different. The authors, Peter Sander and Jennifer Basye Sander, have a much simpler system. It involves budgeting for groups of things each month, as well as monthly earmarking x amount for less-than-monthly obligations, unexpected emergencies, and personal savings goals. It makes so much sense to me that I’m giving it a shot.

The other nice thing about this book is that it’s a manageable size. It’s not a guide to all types of personal finance, just creating a budget, so it’s short and to the point. If you’ve been meaning to make up a budget but haven’t gotten around to it or aren’t sure where to start, check out this book!


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